SEGA Launches 60th Anniversary Website With Teaser For March 25

Sega has launched a teaser website for its 60th anniversary, which it will celebrate on 3rd June this year. The company was established on June 3, 1960.

Sega stealthily shared the page on March 19 through a tweet with a QR code:

The tweet reads, “Uh? Why is there judo wear here…?”

Scanning a QR code in the picture links to, which features a man in a judo uniform resembling Segata Sanshiro.

For those not in the know, Segata Sanshiro was Sega and Sega Saturn’s mascot in Japan, played by martial artist and Kamen Rider actor Hiroshi Fujioka.

The page is titled “Sega 60th Anniversary Ambassador”, while the text on the website currently reads, “Six days until dramatic birth.”

Furthermore, upon visiting the parent website (, the following message appears:

The message reads:


Ah! So you’ve come to this page.

You must really like Sega!?

Please wait a little longer until the site is open. ♪

It’s important to note that usually, by the end of March, Sega holds the Sega Fes, its annual anniversary event which always has huge announcements. Sega Fes 2019 last year revealed both the new Sakura Wars PS4 game and the Mega Drive Mini.

While a physical event is unlikely to be held due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, that does not mean a digital presentation (Sega Directs, anyone?) is out of the picture.

In any case, something big is definitely coming this year, and hopefully Sega’s announcement on 25th March will blow our minds!

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Source: NintendoSoup