Pokemon Bank Magearna Bug Corrected, Unlock Requirements Made Easier

The Pokemon Company has quietly put out an update for Pokemon Bank that makes slight adjustments to the special Magearna gift for completing the National Dex.

With this new update, players will now be able to receive a Pokeball Magearna with needing a full “Living Dex” where they have one of every Pokemon in their Pokemon Bank account a the same time.

Instead, they can trade Pokemon in and out of Pokemon Bank to register their entries and fulfill the requirements for Pokeball Magearna that way.

In theory, this should mean that even players using the free version of Pokemon Bank will be able to receive the Magearna, although the process would be much more tedious than if they had the paid subscription.

We will be sure to share any further updates on any other gift Pokemon released for the app moving forward.

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Source: NintendoSoup, NintendoLife, Serebii