New Glitch Discovered For Animal Crossing: New Horizons That Creates Bugged Plots Of Land

The Animal Crossing community has discovered another glitch with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, this time a lot more serious and disruptive.

Players who are affected by this glitch will have bugged plots of land on their island, reserved for villagers that don’t exist and will never arrive.

The bug occurs when one player attempts to “adopt” a villager that another player has “forced out” using the campsite, as explained in this post on Bell Tree Forums and summarized in a Twitter post by NintendoFanGirl:

When you adopt a villager that was FORCED OUT by another player via the CAMPGROUNDS (either amiibo or normal random camper), the plot that the villager will occupy can become bugged and will simply state “‘s New Home “.

You CANNOT place any more new plots if this happens and the actual villager doesn’t move in.

For example. My friend has 10 Villagers and one of them is SKYE. They then scan another villager’s card (For example Sterling) and convince him to come for several days.

On the third day, to accommodate Sterling, they choose to KICK OUT SKYE, putting her “in boxes” [Note: Has her preparing to move out].

Afterwards, I, who wants her, comes along and ADOPTS SKYE [Note: asks her to move to My Island].

My Island’s plot where Skye is supposed to move in can then be glitched.

Villagers that decide to move out on their own accord (they come and tell you via exclamation or thought bubble) are SAFE TO ADOPT even if they originally came via amiibo.

What determines the glitch is HOW THEY LEAVE.

Also, just to clarify.

Villagers obtained via amiibo from your campsite straight to your own plots are 100% safe for you, the owner of the amiibo.

It’s the adopting (sending them off to other players who don’t have the amiibo) that you should be careful about.

Although this bug doesn’t affect players who “force out” villagers using their own Amiibo/Campsite, it could cause problems for those scouting for villagers to adopt for their island.

Luckily, it seems that Nintendo’s support staff is aware of the issue according to some players, so hopefully a fix will be put out soon.

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Source: NintendoSoup