More Details For Animal Crossing: New Horizons Save Backup Feature Shared, Dated For 2020

Nintendo has released some additional details about the Animal Crossing: New Horizons save backup feature which they announced previously.

Although Animal Crossing: New Horizons will not support Cloud Saves, Nintendo previously confirmed that they would create an alternative save backup feature for cases where players lost their Switch or want to transfer to a new system.

In a new batch of press details shared by Dengeki Online, Nintendo elaborated further about the limitations and uses of this system, as well as confirmed it would launch sometime later this year in 2020.

Check out the details below, as translated by Siliconera:

Is there a way to create multiple islands?

Even if you’re using multiple copies of the same software, you are only able to create one island per console.

If you wish to build up another island, you’ll need a different console.

As the island save data is saved directly on the Nintendo Switch console, even if you use both the physical and digital versions of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there will only be one island.

Is there a way to transfer save data onto another console?

We are currently considering a function to move user and save data to other consoles that is uniquely for the software.

The function is planned to be implemented within the year.

What if I lose my save data?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons does not support Nintendo Switch Online’s Save Data Cloud Backup feature.

However, we’re currently considering a function for Nintendo Switch Online members to backup save data, uniquely for the software, in case one’s Nintendo Switch console itself malfunctions or is lost.

The function is planned to be implemented within the year.

Is the game playable on the Nintendo Switch Lite?

This title can be played on the Nintendo Switch Lite.

However, in order for multiple residents to play together in Party Mode on a Nintendo Switch Lite console, Joy-Cons and/or Pro Controllers suitable for the amount of players joining in must be connected to the Nintendo Switch Lite.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons launches later this week on March 20, 2020, for Switch.

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Source: NintendoSoup