Legendary Arena, Pokemon Eggs, And More Future Updates Detailed For Pokemon Masters

DeNA has released another installment of “A Message From The Pokemon Masters Team”, detailing more upcoming content heading for the game.

The update details a few quality of life changes the team is working on, along with upcoming new features such as the Legendary Arena and Pokemon Eggs.

You can find a summary of the key details below:

  1. Improvements to Existing Content
    • Adjustments to Legendary events in terms of rewards and event progress.
    • Adjustments to Sync Orb drop rates and the Sync Grid System
  1. Adding more Challenging content
    • Legendary Arena: New mode to battle powerful Legendary Pokemon for interesting Rewards, first one will debut this Summer, will require Water Type Sync Pairs.
    • Elite Four and Champion based content
    • Medals: Rewards for completing Challenging Content
  2. Training Sync Pairs
    • Pokemon Eggs: Will provide players a way to change the Sync Pair partner of their main character
    • Team Composition Bonus Effects: Introduce special “Team Formations” which provide bonuses based on various factors (e.g. all Kanto trainers, all Water-type trainers)
  1. Next Message will release mid-April

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Source: NintendoSoup, Serebii