EMEAA sales data for Feb. 2020 (Nintendo Switch #1 Hardware once again)

The EMEAA (Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Australia) numbers for Feb. 2020 have come in, and there’s a ton to go through.

Check out the massive breakdown of the data below.

  • FIFA 20 was the No.1 boxed product.
  • More than 10 million games were sold across EMEAA territories, a drop of 6.7% yearoveryear.
  • The vast majority of sales last month came from digital downloads, accounting for almost 65% of all the sales recorded.
  • The No.1 country for game sales was the UK, followed by Germany and then France.
  • No.1 publisher was Ubisoft, with a 23.7% share of game sales.
  • Nintendo does not share digital data.
  • In terms of purely physical game sales, Nintendo was the No.1 game’s publisher with an 18.8% market share of all boxed games.
  • Switch was the #1 hardware, comfortably ahead of PlayStation 4.
  • The Neon Switch was the most successful individual console SKU.
  • Nintendo Switch sales are up slightly year on year.
  • 257,819 game consoles were sold during February, which generated 69.1 million Euros (25% drop in revenue/units).
  • 3.1 million accessories, point cards, and toys to life items were sold across EMEAA retail regions last month.
  • This generated 94.4 million Euros in revenue, which is a drop of 7.8% in units, and 5.9% in revenue year over year.
  • The No.1 toys to life products were the Amiibo Animal Crossing Cards: Series 3.
  • The UK was the No.1 market for accessories, points cards, and toys to life products, followed by France and then Spain.

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Source: GoNintendo