Elementary School Kids Host Virtual Graduation Ceremony In Minecraft Due To Coronavirus

To combat the coronavirus, the Japanese government has closed schools for over two weeks in Japan, and that means many students will miss their graduation ceremonies.

That isn’t happening for some Japanese kids, though – they decided to host their graduation ceremony in Minecraft instead (translated by SoraNews24):

“What are you doing?’

‘We all decided to have a graduation ceremony together!’


The elementary students gathered to start graduation themselves.”

The most amazing thing was this wasn’t planned by the school, but the students themselves:

“They spent all day online together playing games and laughing. I’m glad they all had fun.”

“The assembly hall is also really well made.”

Here is how some Japanese commentators reacted:

“The kids are all right.”

“Parents are doing ‘telework’ and kids are doing ‘telegraduation.’”

“I’m so jealous of what awesome things kids have these day.”

“Those who say video games are bad, look at this!”

“This will probably be an even better memory than a regular graduation for them.”

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Source: NintendoSoup, SoraNews24