Some Players Are Receiving Pokeball Color Magearna For Completing The National Dex In Pokemon HOME

Earlier this week, Pokemon HOME was released for Switch and mobile devices, allowing players to complete the National Pokedex in the current generation of Pokemon games.

Recently, multiple players have begun reporting that there is a special reward for completing the National Pokedex in Pokemon HOME.

This reward appears to be none other than the Mythical Pokemon Magearna, which can be redeemed through Pokemon HOME‘s Mystery Gift menu.

Notably, this Magearna is in its “Original” Pokeball color, a variant that has never been released prior to this moment.

That said, it seems not everyone has been able to redeem this gift, and there are conflicting reports that a few users received a normal colored Magearna instead of a Pokeball colored one.

As many of the recipients are Japanese players, some speculate that the reward may be rolling out in “waves”, or that perhaps this is another one of the many bugs with the app.

As of this writing, The Pokemon Company has yet to officially address this issue or clarify if this is an intended reward.

We will be sure to share more updates as they come.

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