Nintendo Isn’t Worried About The PlayStation 5 Affecting Switch

Nintendo has published its investors’ Q&A session for the 9 months ending December 31, 2019.

All contents of this article were translated by NintendoSoup.

One of the questions asked by an investor was what would the company do in light of new hardware launches by other companies such as Sony, which plans to release the PlayStation 5 in the holiday season.

Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa said that the environment surrounding the industry will “definitely change” when a competitor releases new hardware.

However, he believes that the lifecycles of both Nintendo Switch and upcoming hardware from other companies are different, which means the customers that the Switch and the PS5 are different.

So in essence, Furukawa believes that the PS5 launch will not affect the Nintendo Switch.

What’s more important, Furukawa says, is maintaining the momentum of the Nintendo Switch.

This could be done by releasing attractive software to consumers and broadening the audience of the Nintendo Switch Lite.

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Source: NintendoSoup