GUIDE: How To Correct Pokeball Color Magearna Gift Issue In Pokemon HOME

Last week, we reported that Pokeball Color Magearna was being released in Pokemon HOME as a reward for completing the National Pokedex, although there were conflicting reports from people who were having trouble receiving it.

Since then, a possible fix for those who have yet to receive their Pokeball Color Magearna has been discovered.

This fix involves making sure that the Pokemon HOME app recognizes the completion of the National Dex through the following steps:

  1. Complete the National Dex in Pokemon HOME.
  2. Shift every Pokemon 1 Box left on the app
  3. Check for Magearna in the Mystery Gift
  4. If Magearna is not present, shift every Pokemon 1 Box right on the app
  5. Check for Magearna in the Mystery Gift

Since this fix was discovered, many Pokemon HOME users have reported that following these steps allowed them to retrieve their Pokeball color Magearna.

Hopefully, any future Mystery Gifts distributed via Pokemon HOME will not have similar issues with redemption.

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Source: NintendoSoup