Dynamax And Gigantamax Debut In The Latest Episode Of Pokemon Anime

The latest episode of the Pokemon anime has recently aired in Japan, showing off Ash and Go’s first encounter with the Galar Region’s Dynamax phenomenon.

This is the first time Pokemon Sword And Shield‘s Dynamax mechanic has been shown off in the anime, and will likely play a big part of the story while Ash and Go are in the Galar Region.

Our first look at the anime’s depiction of Dynamaxing occurs during a battle between Kanto Champion Lance and Galar Champion Leon.

In the battle, Lance chooses to Dynamax his Gyarados while Leon of course Gigantamaxes his Charizard.

Dynamax vs Gigantamax!#anipoke pic.twitter.com/yerP3HhLjS

— サトセレ (@AshandSerena) February 9, 2020

Furthermore, during the next episode preview, it is shown that Ash will also be using Dynamax for Pikachu.

However, it is unknown whether it will be a regular Dynamax or if perhaps Pikachu will end up taking the Gigantamax form.

【アニポケ 次回予告】

新シリーズ ポケットモンスター

2020年2月16日(日)18:00~ 放送#アニポケ #anipoke #pokemon13 pic.twitter.com/aM0MgeR533

— ZéXY (@TheEndlessZero) February 9, 2020

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Source: NintendoSoup