Trine 4 Receives A New Patch On Nintendo Switch

Frozebyte released a large patch for Trine 4 which adds local wireless mode to the game along with several bug fixes.

Just a few weeks after Toby’s Dream DLC was released for the game, Trine 4 was given a new patch that adds Local Wireless mode.

This allows players to work together through levels across multiple copies of the game.

The patch also fixes glitches such as misbehaving objects, enemies, animation, and puzzles in general.

As a game which allows up to 4 players to work together through puzzles, the local wireless mode allows for more collaboration between players without needing to connect to the internet.

See the full list of what this patch brought to this puzzle platformer and our review of the game here.

We have released a patch for the Nintendo Switch version of Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince.

You can find the patch notes below.

  • Added Local Wireless mode
  • Updated boss fights
  • Fixed issue where joining a game via Server Browser connected to an incorrect one
  • Added Players Menu to online games where players can be kicked by the host
  • Added a popup for swapping controllers and adding players
  • Added a “Are you sure?” popup when returning to Main Menu from Game Over screen
  • Added an option to invert jump button A/B in Control Options
  • Added brightness to Visual options
  • Updated skill tree
  • Improved Dodge Roll and Blink functionality
  • Fixed ledge grab getting canceled when object stomping
  • Fixed a bug where requesting character change locked the current character selection in Classic mode
  • Fixes to puzzles, misbehaving objects, portals, ledge grabs, cameras, enemies, art, animation, audio and skills
  • Fixed input getting stuck when activating letter when none is available
  • Fixed areas where players could get stuck or out of bounds
  • Fixed player health regeneration while dead and fixed a respawn issue in Blueberry Forest
  • Fixed an issue where player remained stuck at Host Game screen
  • Fixed several GUI issues
  • Fixed localization issues
  • And many other small changes

Let us know if you run into any issues with the new patch!