Random: This Zelda Fan Has Been Crafting Their Own Breath Of The Wild Equipment For Two Years

Ever wanted to own your own Ancient Sword from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild?

Well, one devoted fan has made that a reality for themselves, and more!

Reddit user u/tomvdcr recently showed off their impressive array of handmade replicas based on weapons in the game – build over the span of two arduous years.

Some impressive pieces include a glowing Sword of Six Sages and Sheikah Slate, along with a giant Lynel Sword!

Check out their collection full below:

[BotW] all the breath of the wild weapons I have made over the last 2 years from zelda

Would you build your own Breath of the Wild weapons if you had the time and skill? Which weapon/tool would be your first creation?

Feel free to share your thoughts with us below.

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