Nintendo Warns Owners Of The Digital Pokemon Sword/Shield Not To Buy The Game + Expansion Pass Bundle

The official Nintendo customer support Twitter account has put up a few interesting tweets about the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass.

Yesterday, The Pokemon Company reminded users not to buy the wrong Expansion Pass – for example, if you own Pokemon Sword, you should purchase the Pokemon Sword Expansion Pass, as the Pokemon Shield Expansion Pass is only for Pokemon Shield.

Nintendo went further as there seem to be customers confused with what’s being offered on the Nintendo eShop. The company is selling a few different products, namely the Pokemon Sword/Shield Expansion Pass for 2980 yen/USD29.99 each, and the Pokemon Sword/Shield + Expansion Pass Set for 9558 yen/USD99.99 each.

Apparently some have confused the Expansion Pass and the game plus Expansion Pass set, so Nintendo had to tell users that, they should press “quit” before making an accidental purchase.

Also, if you already own a digital copy of Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield, please, for obvious reasons, do not purchase the Pokemon Sword + Expansion Pass Set or Pokemon Shield + Expansion Pass Set.



— 任天堂サポート (@nintendo_cs) January 10, 2020

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Source: NintendoSoup ;3