Nintendo Shares Kirby Artwork For New Year’s Day 2020

Having a blast on the last day of 2019 and this decade? Well, so are Kirby and his pals!

The official Kirby Twitter has shared a new piece of artwork that shows Kirby with the Festival ability, celebrating with his many friends (and some foes).

Not everyone in the audience seems to be looking forward to Kirby’s singing, however…

“This year is finally over! In Dream Land, the “Popopo Song Battle” is held to end the year! Now the next contestant … It’s Kirby! ! What is that? Somehow the venue is in an uproar… oh, the guests! Please don’t go home yet! The song battle is still to come! !”

How will you be entering the new decade?

Will you be singing your heart out like Kirby?

Feel free to share it with us below!

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