Man Loses 139 Pounds Thanks To Pokemon GO

Niantic has shared a very encouraging story about a Pokemon GO player called Tommy who’s currently a university student in London, the United Kingdom.

When Tommy first played Pokemon GO, he weighed close to 350 pounds, or 158kg. To lose weight, he started playing Pokemon GO for 20 minutes a day.

That slowly increased to hours as he started taking on raid bosses together with the local Pokemon GO community.

The results? Tommy has lost 139 pounds, or 63.5kg, ever since he started playing Pokemon GO.

He’s also feeling happier than before, socializing with his new friends in the community.

This is yet another encouraging story showing the benefits of video games after we shared with you about Ring Fit Adventure.

Check out his full story below:

Tommy shares how becoming a Pokémon GO Trainer has changed his life.

He began with a 20 minutes walk that turned into hours.

Meet Tommy and the local Pokémon GO community that he became part of.

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Source: NintendoSoup