Pokemon Sword And Shield Players Exploit Max Raid Mechanic To “Clone” Infinite Copies Of The Same Pokemon

As many longtime Pokemon fans know, Pokemon games have often been shipped with bugs or glitches that allow players to create multiple “clones” of the same Pokemon, all sharing the same species and characteristics.

Predictably, Pokemon Sword And Shield players have discovered their own method of “cloning”, this time by exploiting the Max Raids mechanic. Using this method requires two copies of the games (two players optional) and access to the Wild Area.

  1. On one copy of the game, save the game and start a Max Raid Battle (Player 1). On the other copy of the game, join the Max Raid Battle (Player 2).
  2. Defeat the Pokemon, and have the Player 2 capture it.
  3. Instead of capturing the Pokemon, Player 1 should force close the game by exiting to the home menu.
  4. When Player 1 restarts the game, they will be standing outside the Raid Battle Spot with the exact same Raid still active.
  5. Players can then repeat steps 1 to 4 to get as many copies of the same Raid Pokemon as they want.
  6. To end the cycle, Player 1 just has to capture the Raid Pokemon instead of force closing.

As this exploit is fairly well known in Pokemon circles, there are a number of videos illustrating how to do this. One of these is by Youtube Channel Poketips, and can be found below:


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